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    Chests & cabinets

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    Alsatian painters and French artists
    Henner, Zwiller, Brion, Drolling...
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    Art deco & Industrial furnitures
    Furnitures, items, XIXth-XXth century bronze
    Majorelle, Gallé, Art deco, industrial, 50s-60s...
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    Trinkets & ceramics
    Théodore Deck or Elchinger..
    Popular arts, Mirrors
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    Trinkets & Popular arts
    Roemer glasses, inkwells, boxes...
    Popular arts, Mirrors


More than 40 years of experience in the antiquities field.


Inventories, successions, sharing, purchases and sales.

Restoration / Renovation

Give a second life to your collectible items.

Bertrand KLEIN Expert in antiques

Bertrand Klein will advise you in the collectible item, painting or furniture sale, or on classic furnishing devices from the XXth century.


The passion of furniture and ancient art items. For the organization of specialized sale or collectors search, Bertrand Klein will find the solution adapted to your needs.


Advices, authenticity and period search, price valorization.


More than 40 years of professional experience in the field of antiquity and piece of art.

Our restoration workshops

Several companions have their own field in which they work: carving, solid wood, inlay, locksmithing, French varnishing, polishing in order to give a second life to collectible pieces that have the merit of having reached our workshops crossing centuries.