Antique dealer, an expert job!

As a works of art, furniture of art trinkets dealer, the antiquarian is in a particular position in the relations he or she has with the people with whom he or she trades.

Indeed, the antique dealer is provided with knowledge that the amateur does not have, with some exceptions. It is essential that we can trust him, what creates big responsibilities for him.

These responsibilities, both legal and moral, must be always taken into account, as they imply duties and obligations, when the antiquarian deals with salesmen, purchasers, colleagues or intermediaries. As such, the “Conseil d’Administration du Syndicat National des Antiquaires” (antique syndicate) asked its members a written commitment in which they declare to respect these rules. It is only in this condition that antiquarians can be distinguished from other second-hand items salesmen. They first have to consider themselves as experts in research and identification, in order to ensure their diagnostics and studies. During the day of sale, the commercial act is based on their historical, technical, scientific knowledge and professional skills.

Bertrand Klein is also the president of the association Alsace Arts et Antiquités which organizes the annual show in Colmar.